Personal Training

Our longest standing and flagship service, lead by accomplished physique competitor and Aurora Head Coach James Swainston. Sessions are primarily held at Aurora Athletic x RCFT.

Anytime the word PT is mentioned, coaches trip over themselves to drop buzzwords, shove transformations in your face and tout the merits of ‘their approach’. It’s all bark and no bite. Unless you want to step on stage or play sport professionally, the basic fundamentals are all you’ll ever need. Forget trying to re-invent the wheel, we focus on creating the right environment equipped with highly trained coaching staff. Coaches who understand the fundamentals to the extent they can teach them in a way that is simple to understand and easier to implement.

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How it Works

Purchase and reload your PT sessions using our secure payment system below. If you are a new client and would like to take advantage of our free consultation service, please use the contact button above to email James, our Head PT.

Aurora PT // 1 Session


Aurora PT // 10 Sessions


Aurora PT // 20 Sessions